Thursday, March 02, 2006



The same view in every direction…
Nothing is familiar-
I have drifted off the path –
Just for a moment-I let go of your hand-
I hurried ahead -
Distracted by my own walking-
I lost sight of You-
All I see are towers of swaying trees-
My steps echoed by the pounding of my heart.
I cry out to you…
“Where did you go?”
I run back and forth- searching—
Fear and exhaustion cover me-
Tears begin to slide across my cheeks-
I fall on my face-scared and alone-
The cold silence is broken by Your gentle voice-
“Hear I am…I have been looking for you”
You wipe my tears and carry me back to the path-
I cling tightly to your hand –
As I walk close to Your side-
I am reminded of the purpose for the journey-
It’s not just the destination-
But the walking together…


Elizabeth said...

This is a beautiful picture of our walk with God. I love the last thought.

DawN said...

I wrote that about 3 years ago...I find myself in that place now and again...and Jesus reminds me that he is leading the 'pace' and direction...the cool thing is he wants us to to do it WITH him!! A little like when you take your close friend to your favorite place for the first time...